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Jake Shillan

Producer || Narrative Designer

Welcome, Nerds.

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The bio.

Jake Shillan
Lover of games. Lover of teams. Fan of you.

Highly charismatic, multi-disciplined game producer with a 5+ year background in film, television, and stage entertainment. Here to ensure the day is streamlined, collaborative, and on task to building something incredible.

  • PSM 1 Certified

  • Agile/Sprint-based Framework

  • Uplifting Charisma

  • People-focused Operator

  • Experienced in a variety of softwares





Lead Producer || Narrative Designer || 11-Person Team

Featured at Seattle Indies Expo 2021! (Link)

Featured at DreamHack Beyond 2021!

DISCARDED is a creepy, mangled-toy, roguelike deck-builder!

Play as a lone toy in a frightening world! Defeat other toys and take their parts for your own survival!

This is a student production lasting 45 work days. Currently in its Beta phase.

Deck Management
Enemy Selection
Bedroom Environment
Basement Environment

Sea of Legends

Narrative Systems Designer || Mobile Companion App

Sea of Legends is a narrative-driven, open-world tabletop game for 1 - 5 players.

Raid ports, bury treasure, fall in love, and defeat your nemesis as you compete to become the most legendary pirate on the open sea.  Fully funded Kickrstarter project.

Sea of Legends
Sea of Legends Kickstarter

Rise To The Top

Lead Producer || Narrative Designer || 10-Person Team

Rise to the Top is a first person, rocket-jumping jaunt inside a child's imagination!

Ascend the neighbor's evil castle tower to rescue your cat, Princess!!

AIE Seattle Student Production built in 20 work days.


Gold Retriever

Producer, Game & Level Designer || 5-Person Team

You are one of the famed pirate doggo Captains of old, The infamous Gold Retriever!

Launch your golden dog bone onto the island to hide it from your rival in this 2-player, treasure-seeking romp!

2021 Global Game Jam

Gold Retriever Title
Canon Shoot
Treasure Finding
The 48 Hour Island
The Cat Cave

Friend Ship Launch

Producer, Game & Narrative Designer || 7-Person Team

You've crash landed on an alien planet of strange creatures!

Their bodies can help repair the ship, but they also tend to overshare...

Make friends and get the heck back home!

AIE Seattle 2020 Winter Game Jam

Friend Ship Launch Icon
The Whole Gang
Everyone Working Together
The Last Look

Don't Touch The Penguin

Producer, UI/UX, Systems Designer || 7-Person Team

You are a caged zoo penguin!  You must entertain your crowds, you must attract their children toward your cage bars, and you MUST bite the delicious hands that reach out for you!!

AIE Seattle 2020 Spring Game Jam

Penguin Title
Penguin Game GIF
Penguin Tutorial
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