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Sea of Legends

Narrative Systems Designer

Sea of Legends is an open world, pirate-themed boardgame created by Guildhall Studios that's paired with a choose-your-own-adventure app.  The stories within the app contain highly modular text, utilizing the players' unique set of characters for that game.


Duties Performed

  • Designed & built digital game systems based on existing boardgame mechanics

  • Acted as ambassador of proprietary software; on-boarded new users, updated stakeholders, facilitated internal QA

  • Reviewed & implemented 75+ modular narrative scripts for grammar, context, and logic

  • Established processes and pipelines for efficient script implementation

  • Maintained a database of 20,000+ strings and 40+ character entities

  • Wrote 100+ page technical documentation for future app authors

  • Primary troubleshooter & bug squasher

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