Rise To The Top

1st Year Production Final

Rise to the Top is an imaginary FPS where a child ascends the tower with sword and rocket launcher, to rescue Princess, their cat.


Rise to the Top


Final Year 1 project at AIE Seattle; “Minor Production”.

Rise to the Top is a 3D, rocket-jumping platformer where players ascend a perilous castle inside the imagination of a 10-year old recovering their cat, Princess, from the ‘EVIL’ neighbor!

I was the Lead Producer, Narrative Designer, and Cutscene Artist.  Coordinating a team of 11 people, many of which had never met before this project, was an experience full of struggle, challenge, and priceless lessons learned.

We Rise to the Top in Unity 2019, Agile-produced through Hack n Plan, distributed on Itch.io.  Created 100% remotely, over Microsoft Teams & Perforce, during the Covid Quarantine, by 11 people and one kick-ass staff advisor in just under 18 work days.


Roles I fulfilled:

  • Iterated on and finalized a pre-existing pitch into a core design document for the team to reference.

  • Worked with my truly awesome fellow design-producers, Tyler Baldwin & Kevin Bryan, to design and hold the vision for a game intended for children ages 8+.

  • Worked professionally with the team’s family & friends to coordinate their children’s artwork as concepts for all of our ferocious monsters.

  • Organized our project into Sprints, held daily SCRUM stand-ups, and task managed for the entire team through Hack n Plan.

  • Coordinated all art & animation assets, and handled their Unity integration.

  • Wrote the Dialogue Script.  Not that long, but maybe good for a laugh or two :)

  • Worked with our brilliant UI artist, Alli Philips, to create the Opening Cutscene.  I wrote the story and edited the content, but that ridiculously fun art is all theirs.

  • Easter Egg:  The protagonist’s room is full of references to the other 1st Year teams’ games!  (Alli’s idea!)

  • Working with my fellow design-producers, created & coordinated external QA feedback for each game’s build until Release.

  • Presented a game build & Developer Logs at the end of every Sprint for virtual showcases to the Seattle, Lafayette, and Australia AIE campuses.  The Dev Logs are 3-4 minute videos of our progress, captured & edited by me.  I would also answer questions and explain components of our builds live.